Summer turns to Fall | Lawn Care Tips

Summer turns to Fall | Lawn Care Tips

After a long hot summer of constant sweating during lawn care, it is now time to prepare yourself for the cooler weather the fall season provides. Most homeowners don’t realize that lawn care in the summer season is very different from lawn care for the fall season in McKinney, TX. During the summer lawn care season it is important to mow your lawn at the highest setting because the extra grass height keeps the soil cool and allows it to hold the moisture longer.

With the fall season right around the corner it’s important to know the best lawn care tips in preparations for the season. Fall is the most important season of the year in preparations for the spring. Although most homeowners think during the fall lawns need less care, we’re here to tell you otherwise and give you tips on how to make sure your lawn stay healthy!

The cooler temperatures of the fall are quickly approaching, how does it differentiate from the summer mowing techniques? In the fall you won’t mow your lawn as often as the summer. During this season grass tends to grow slower with colder temperatures, so most likely you’ll cut 2-3 times during this time frame before the winter. It is recommended to cut the lawn as short as possible before the leaves start to fall from the trees. You don’t want your grass to be covered by a large patch of leaves because it’ll prevent moisture to be released and will begin to breed a fungal disease that will kill all grass.


The easiest way to rake leaves and mow the grass is to have a handy lawn mower that not also cuts but vacuums up any grass, or leaf clippings. If your lawn is too large to upkeep contact your local landscaping company to help alleviate the pain of having to mow and rake. Most companies will know what is best for any lawn during the fall. Aside from raking, mowing should be considered heavily. Although you won’t be mowing as often it is important to know the proper length to leave your grass at. The rule of thumb for any grass type is: Mow when grass is dry or exceeds 3-3 1/2 inches tall. Make sure to never cut below 2-2 1/2 inches or remove more than one third of leafs at any one lawn mowing. There are many ways to properly care for your lawn in the fall, make sure to do your research before doing anything to your lawn. Remember, even though you’re mowing less during the fall, your grass needs more care than any other season during this time frame!

  • Even though your lawn isn’t growing as much during the fall, it is still absorbing energy, moisture, and nutrients to prepare itself for the long cold winter. With a little attention and love you’ll have the healthiest, luscious green grass in the spring.


  • Make sure to constantly rake the leaves to remove them from the grass. It might not sound as fun but raking plays a pivotal role in preparations for a healthy grass in the spring. If you wait till all leaves have fallen from the trees you might suffocate your grass and breed fungal diseases.


  • Continue to mow your lawn regardless of how slow it’s growing and as the season comes to an end drop the mowers blade to the lowest setting. Cutting the grass nice and short will allow the sunlight to reach the crown of the grass.


  • During the fall it is very important to aerate your lawn so that all necessary nutrients are reaching the nutrients for the grass to survive the winter. Aerating will allow oxygen, water, and fertilizer to reach the grass’s roots.


  • Fertilize, fertilize, fertilize. Most lawn experts will tell you that fertilizing in the fall is the best time to do so, simply because grass grows slowly but the roots and rhizomes continue to grow quickly. Fertilizing in the fall gives the roots every nutrient necessary to grow healthy in the upcoming spring.


These are the most important tips in order for your lawn to be prepared for the upcoming winter, while making sure when the spring comes your lawn grows nice and healthy. What tips would you recommend for the fall?

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